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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mivan Shuttering Details

Details of Aluminum Formwork (Mivan / MFE)

The most effective means available for the construction of high, medium and low rise mass housing R/C structures.
It is a precision-engineered formwork fabricated in Aluminium.
Monolithic pouring. Walls, columns, slabs & beam are poured together.
Speed - Induces a disciplined & systemized approach to construction, which creates a daily work cycle, the essence of the productivity. The productivity generates a overall work cycle, that can achieve 4/5 day per floor outputs or other cycle times to suit your project requirements.
It is flexible in design and can form any architectural or structural configuration, such as stairs, bay windows, curved features, etc.

Quality - When struck the aluminium formwork reveals a good quality fair face onto which a 4–5mm skim coat can be applied for a perfect finish eliminating need of plaster.
Provides an Integrated Scaffolding reducing the cost of your scaffolding requirements.
Ease of handling - The formwork panels are manually handled, generating further savings on heavy equipment and cranage.
Mechanical and electrical installation is simplified where conducts are embedded in the structure and by precise engineering of outlets and service ducts.

Cost Analysis:

Range is 155 US$ per m2 to 225 US$ per m2, most common being 160 US$ per m2 & assumed for cost comparison purpose.

Cost of Aluminum Formwork is 160 US $ per sqm.
Consider 65.00 Rs/US$. Add 25.0 % duties (+ Octroi/Entry Tax/Local Body Tax)
So Total Cost will be app 13,000 Rs/sqm. (160 X 65 X 1.25)
Your project offers 100 uses (for 10 blocks of 10 storey)
Final cost per sqm on item rate basis will be 130 Rs per sqm. ( Rs 13000 Formwork Cost/100 Uses) Depending on quality, traditional formwork (Plywood & Batten) costs between 80 & 150 Rs/sqm

To Workout Built up Area cost :-
For Col-beam-slab structure with simple elevation:
Ratio of Formwork Area to Builtup Area, on thumbrule base will be approximately 3 (It may be as high as 4.5 if elevation is features has double wall, double chhajja etc)
So Cost of Mivan Formwork per sft of builtup Area will be (3 X 13000/10.76) =3625 (One time Cost)
For 100 uses it will be 3625/ 100 = 36.25 Rs/sft of builtup area.

For Wall-slab structure with simple elevation:
Ratio of Formwork Area to Builtup Area, on thumbrule base will be approximately 5.5 (It may be as high as 7 if elevation is features has double wall, double chhajja, etc. Or low cost project where room dimensions are very small)
So Cost of Mivan Formwork per sft of builtup Area will be (5.5 X 13000/10.76) =6645 (One time Cost)
For 100 uses it will be 6645/ 100 = 66.45 Rs/sft of builtup area.

Construction period in above example:
1st Tower 1st slab – 21 days
2nd slab – 18 days
3rd slab – 15 days
4th slab – 12 days
5th slab – 9 days
6th to 25th slab – 140 days (@ 7 days per floor)
Total – 205 days = 7.88 months considering 26 working days per month.
Next each tower (25 slabs) – 175 days = 6.73 months considering 26 working days per month.
Total Period – 7.88 months for 1st tower + 3 X 6.73 months for subsequent towers
= 28.07 months, say 28 months.

Add about 4 months as time to reach typical floor of 1st tower & 6 months for finishing after last floor of 4th tower.

Total construction period will be about 38 months.

Conventionally, for 25 storey building, RCC will take about 2 years for including foundation & 12 months for finishing. That is 36 months. This means even after constructing one block at a time, total construction period is almost same as constructing all 4 towers simultaneously with traditional formwork. 


_Priya Raj_ said...

Dear author,
I am a student of Advanced Construction Management from India, and would like to know more about how you derived these calculations for aluminium shuttering.

-Priya Raj, India

Ram said...


The actual material cost is considered from mivan material supplying co & also based on practical experience (1 of my projects)


Yogesh Jain said...

@yogesh Jain

Dear Priya

100% of built up area

30% of BUP area For walls i.e Twice for both side.

5% of BUP Area for Sills, Lintels.

Sum Up all Factors you get the ratio.

tears n reflections said...

niceky done :)

Rebekka realty Pvt. Ltd. said...

After watching the you tube and reading content on Mivan Shuttering, i concluded that it is useful mainly in multistoried buildings above 30 floors etc. that too commercial complexes or for luxury segment residential buildings with bigger carpet area's.

Initial Cost of Rs 1300/- per sft. is very high for residential buildings even if towers are 30 storied. It can only be useful if residential complex is spread over 60 acres and above.

Unknown said...


We have gone through your site Mivan Shuttering Details. We are impressed & eager to use it in our next project which is at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India....

Please send the details of Mivan shuttering in per square feet super built up area for G+10 storied (12 buildings) with 15 Acres Land..

Thank You
Our Contact details are as follows:--

Email Id:-

Rahul Shah said...

My building is going for redevelopment, a very small plot and a project of 7 storey building. Can i ask my builder for mivan technology. Will it be too expensive for him?

Rahul Shah said...

My building is going for redevelopment, a very small plot and a project of 7 storey building. Can i ask my builder for mivan technology. Will it be too expensive for him?

Pramod k singh said...

its costly , at par for 30 repetitions if if you have 30 slabs use this formwork

Jaiban Organics said...

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Jaiban Organics said...

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Unknown said...

Hi sir,
U r asking about builtup rate per sq.ft. am I rate sir.buitup labour rate in mivan us about 190 /- per sq.ft. if company provides mivan material

praveen kumar said...

While doing the designing for building using Mivan or equivalent, the building is designed as a monolithic building which considerably reduces the quantum of steel used in the project, which is quite a good amount.

2. It gives smooth surface and hence do not require plaster. It also reduces an time and the water which is a considerable amount.

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Hi Reach said...

Thanks alot for sharing information with us !!!!!
The aluminum formwork system is used to support the structures and give shape to every corner of the building. There are many different types of formwork that is used in construction. It is used according to the building requirements and challenges. If you are going to construct your building, then you should know what are the important things? And what type of formwork suitable for your building? Now, it’s time to look at the helpful and important things about aluminum shuttering.

Jaiban Organics said...

How to use Mivan shuttering cleaning chemical

1. Always use safety goggles, rubber gloves, shoes before handling this chemical.
2. Area of operation should be open & airy with good air circulation.
3. Deep aluminium shuttering piece.
4. Solution level should be 10 cm above the top aluminium shuttering piece.
5. Wait for 5 minutes.
6. Rinse with water & dry.
7. Dispose off solution after neutralizing the solution.

Imran Khan said...

Dear Author

Could you please provide me the cost analysis of Mivan Shuttering on any Live project with details.
Please mail me on my mail id.
Because I am going to start Mivan shuttering in one my mass housing project.

Imran Khan

Unknown said...

What is the sutar and fitar rate for mivan construction of 23 floor building


I read your post,Thanks for sharing this.

Unknown said...

Very Nice & useful technical information Sir. Thank you very much God bless you. Hari Om

Unknown said...

Did u find any documents on MIVAN cost analysis? Could you please share if you have any?