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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Construction Sequence of MEP works in Buildings

Typical Construction Sequence for Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing Works in High Rise Building

Grouping of MEP Fixes like PVC Electrical conduits in Slabs :

1. MEP 1st Fix - All Concealed Items/Pipe Sleeves in Verticals/Horizontals (Column/Slab)

2. MEP 2nd Fix - Stage 1: High Level MEP Works at False Ceiling
i) Fixing supports, installation of Firefighting, Chilled Water piping, drainage pipes, water supply(hot & cold), rain water, cable ladders, G.I Conduiting, AC ducting
ii) Pressure tests and insulations
iii) Installation of FCUs, water heaters
(Note: False Ceiling people will fix runners after the Stage 1 of MEP 2nd Fix)

3. MEP 2nd Fix - Stage 2: Clearance for False Ceiling People
i) Sprinkler droppers, AC duct droppers, flexible cable for light fixtures, fire stopping and identification works etc.
(Note: False Ceiling people will close ceiling tiles and MEP people will connect their diffusers in position on the ceiling tiles - too much coordination is required at this stage)

MEP 2nd Fix: Other Areas
Installation of all equipments like AHUs(Floor mounted), all pumps, heat exchangers(if any), bus bars, generators, water tanks etc.,

4. MEP Final Fix
Installation of Air terminals, sprinkler heads, wiring accessories, low current devices, CCTV, Public Address System (PAS), Isolators, fire fighting equipments(Hydrants), Sanitaryware, DBs, SMDBs & Dressing, SMA TVs, Structured Cabling, All Switch Points

External and other MEP works
i) Connections to Main lines of Govt. Authority, water supply, drainage, ETISALAT
ii) LV Room installations (MDBs, SMDBs, DBs)
iii) Installation of external piping, Manhole construction
iv) Installation of lightning protection, Backup System, Intercom System etc.,


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