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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Insulation System & application methodology for Slabs

( Polyisocyanurate panels for Ceiling Insulation):- CFC-free Polyisocyanurate rigid foam sheet laminated with vliepatex-N ( Vliepa, Germany) from one side and Aluminium foil from the other side, The density of the panel is 40-45 Kg/m3.. Vliepatex is specially used as lamination for the PIR, PU panels, suitable for coating materials like epoxy coating ,acrylic coating, etc. 
Technical Data:-
         1. ( Polyisocyanurate panels for Ceiling Insulation):-
ASTM C 303: 2002
40-45 kg/m³
Water absorption by volume
ASTM C 209: 1998
Thermal conductivity group
ASTM C518: 2002
K=0.023 W/mk
Characteristics in fire
DIN 4102-1
Temperature stability
Upto 250 Deg C in short term ,constant from -50 Deg C until + 110 Deg C
Pressure load
0.1 N/mm² oder 10 t/m²
 2. Vliepatex-N:-

EN 29073-1
Glass fibre: SH 50    approx.48-60 g/m²
Material coating        approx. 230 g/m²
Mass per unit area:
EN 29073-1
Approx. 290 g/ m² ± 10%
ISO EN 9073-2
< 0.6 mm
Rest moisture content:
ISO 287
< 0.8%
Class of fire
DIN 4102-1
Tensile strength
Machine direction:
Cross machine direction
EN 29073-3

Water vapour permeability
DIN 53122-1
Ca.123 g/ m² x d
Application: Used as lamination material  for the PIR , PU panels, suitable for coating materials like epoxy coating ,acrylic coating etc.


    Fig 1
1) Drill a hole of depth 7.5 cm using a 10 mm drill bit along with the insulation panel. (Ref Fig-1)
    2) Fix the plug in the hole
    3) Insert the nylon nail using a mallet.
    4) Hammer the nylon nail along with plug.
    5) Hammering the plug head 2 mm inside the panel. 

                                             Fig 2

Fixing the self adhesive mesh on the head of the plugs and all over the joints (Ref Fig-2)
1) Applying the filler all over the plug heads and joints
        (Ref Fig-3)
    2) Applying primer all over the surface. 
    3) Applying the final coating. 
1) Surfaces should be checked to ensure the leveling before fixing the panels.
2) All the joints between the panels should be closed tightly.

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It is very important to kow the whole mechanism of drilling holes in solid surfaces as it make you very efficient and effective drills to these products.

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