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Friday, October 18, 2013

concept Houses - On Woods

A teardown on a small hill 50 miles north of the city in Waccabuc, New York, hit the mark. When architect saw the view into the woods from the roof of the existing house, he decided that living spaces should be at that level, where abundant trees would provide privacy. The couple razed the old structure but saved the foundation for the new 2,170-square-foot house. The second floor, a rectangular volume, cantilevers dramatically 20 feet from each end of the house. These cantilevers, supported by two steel trusses integrated within a two-by-six wood frame, extend from a pedestal-like base to shelter a carport at the east and a porch at the west. “I was keen on developing something whose characteristics were determined by a structure,” says Architect.

Enclosed by cedar walls that are stained black, with shiplap joints, the second floor contains the kitchen, living spaces, and a bedroom. Two more bedrooms are located on the ground floor, the front of which is red cedar stained with a natural finish. While the couple originally intended to sell the house, they've been getting too much pleasure from it to let it go. “We were either going to enjoy doing it or kill each other,” jokes Architect about working on the house with Ferris, “but we truly enjoyed it. Our strengths are compatible.”

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