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Monday, June 16, 2014

Aluminium Formwork System

1.  Aluminium Formwork System

Step -1 :- Detail Drawing of Mock up Shuttering . Make Sure the building architectural & structural details shall be freezed before manufacturing / fabrication of Aluminum Shuttering. It could be cumbersome  while executing the works if there is any revision in drawing

Step 2:-  Lets start executing the formwork. Fixing of Vertical wall reinforcement shall be done.

Step 3:-  Concrete Starters shall be done.
Step -4 :- Fixing of Wall Panels as per above shown shuttering layout. Any electrical wall conduiting can be done prior to fixing of Aluminum Shuttering.  

Step -5 :- Fixing of Slab Panels after erection of vertical wall panels

Step 6:- Concrete can be done after slab shuttering & conduiting is done.
Step 7:- Vertical walls can be removed (Deshuttering) after 24 hours of slab casting.

2.  Features of Aluminum Formwork
·         Sheet thickness & Panel Sizes.
·         Load bearing capacity.
·         Weight per meter square.
·         Cost per meter square.
·         Cycle time per floor.
·         Striking time for vertical & horizontal members.
·         Lead time to despatch the material.
·         Pouring system.
·         Site Assistance.
·         Design responsibility.
·         Bill of Quantity along with detailed drawing.
·         Repetition.
Sheet Thickness & Panel Sizes
·         The concrete face of panels (Al Sheet) is 4 mm thick.
·         Standard sizes of Panels are :2000x600,2000x300,1200x300,850x300.
·         Apart from above any size as required shall be manufactured and delivered.
Load Carrying Capacity
·         High load carrying capacity of 7-8 Tonnes Per square meter
·         Light weight is the  main advantage over conventional formwork technology.
·         Aluminium formwork weighs around 18-20 kg per meter square.
Cost per Meter Sq
·         The  approximate cost of aluminium formwork shall be Rs.9500.00 per meter square of shuttering area. Freight and taxes shall be  extra as applicable.

Detail costing details are already shown in earlier post. Pl refer to
Cycle Time
High speed of construction can be achieved by this system that means faster completion of project.
*      7 Days per floor.
Striking time
·         Vertical (Wall) Formwork – 12 hours after concreting or when concrete strength has reached 2N/mm2.
·         Horizontal (Deck) Formwork – 36 hours after concreting or when concrete strength has reached 10N/mm2.
Pouring System
Monolithic pouring for :
  •  Slabs
  •  Walls
  •  Columns
  •  Beams
·         The panels are made out of Structural Grade Aluminum alloy.
·         Around 200 repetitions can be achieved while using Aluminium Formwork System.

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