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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hyderabad Metro Rail

Features of Hyderabad Metro Rail :- 
Hyderabad Metro Rail (MRTS) project is planned in three high density traffic corridors of the city spanning across 72 km in phase-I. 
  • • The three corridors spanning a length of approximately 72 km to be taken up in phase-I are as under.
    •  Corridor I: Miyapur – LB Nagar : 29 kms; 27 stations.
    •  Corridor II: JBS – Falaknuma : 15 kms; 16 stations.
    •  Corridor III: Nagole – Shilparamam : 28 kms; 23 stations.
  • • The Metro rail system under construction is a completely elevated system, generally run in the central median of the road. 
  • • The track gauge is a Standard Gauge (1435 mm).
  •  •Stations are located at an average interval of 1KM – elevated stations with passenger access through staircases, escalators and lifts;
  • With a frequency of 3 to 5 minutes during peak hours, the system is expected to carry about 17 lakh passengers per day by 2017 and 22 lakh by 2024; 
  • • With a maximum speed of 80 kmph, the average speed of the trains will be 34 kmph – an international standard for MRT systems;
  • • The travel time by metro rail from one end to another is:
    • 45 minutes for Corridor I (Miyapur-L.B.Nagar – 29Km) as against 1 hr 50 minutes by bus;
    •  22 minutes for Corridor II (Jubilee Bus Station-Falaknuma-15 Kms) as against 1 hr.10 minutes by bus;
    •  and 39 minutes for Corridor III (Nagole-Shilparmam-28 Kms) as against 1 hr. 30 minutes by bus;
  • • Coaches will be air-conditioned with automatic door-closures and many other safety features;
  • • All stations will have air conditioned “Merry go round” mini-bus services, connecting nearby colonies, business establishments and other popular places; 
  •  Smart card-based Automatic ticketing & gate systems for passenger convenience and seamless travel;
  • A train will consist of 3/6 coaches A.C. Coaches

  • • Each coach shall have 8 electrically powered exterior sliding bi-parting doors, 4 on each side and the doors open only at Metro Rail Stations.
  • • Width of each coach is scaled to 3.2m and the height of coach is 4.0m.
  • • The width of the elevated guide way structure is 9.6m with a lineup and down-line rail track signaling.


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