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Monday, November 26, 2012

Do you want to construct a house ?

This info is for non technical guys (Other than Civil Engineers) and may useful in construction of your own Dream House.
First, you need to think about what is your basic requirement.
Go to your architect give all information about site (dimension, facing and location of site) and your basic requirement, they give you drawing of you floor plan and elevation according to your requirement
If you believe in Vastu, tell your architect before he starts your plan
After getting the plan please do not start construction immediately, think twice about the plan is it suitable for you or not. After all things are ok then plan to start construction. Once you decide to start construction never, hear any ones suggestions get all the suggestions before the starting of construction.
Before the start construction get basic knowledge about the construction materials through architect or friends if know your self about the materials used in your house construction it is better for you and your house.
Then the construction part; get the estimation of your house before the start.

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