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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Plumbing Pipes

Essentials of Plumbing Pipes for Houses

Today, it has become essential to meet the growing needs of customers in water, waste management and the infrastructure sectors through specially developed high performance piping systems. Of course, each system has to be custom designed to match the specific needs of specific applications to make it practically sound.

For example, when it comes to a piping system for potable water transportation, it has to be both reliable and economical. It must be a lead-free system whose components are UV stabilised and having excellent features like chemicals and corrosion resistance, mirror smooth internal surface and resistance to sediment deposits.

Likewise, you need a cost effective plumbing solution for hot and cold water applications. The pipe has to be lightweight, long lasting and quick to assemble. It should be fully resistant to scaling and corrosion and should be able to safely withstand water of the harshest quality and offer extremely long life estimated at minimum of 50 years. Low thermal conductivity can also help cut insulation costs. Reputed certifications  like WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory scheme)-UK can give more credibility.

The correct kind of roof gutter system can offer many advantages like corrosion resistance and cost effectiveness if it is specially designed to give maximum flow and necessary freeboard. The system should ensure that despite high flow carrying capacity there is no possibility of spillage or overflow.

Today, the PVC SWR system has totally eliminated use of cast iron (CI) and asbestos cement for piping from the housing sector. The PVC SWR system enables fast and efficient removal of waste without blockage and leakage.Its high impact strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, long life and virtually zero maintenance explain why it continues to be the preferred system for architects and builders. 

Conventional underground drainage systems have been a major challenge as traditional masonry chambers and stoneware or cement pipes used for this application are associated with several problems. These problems can be broadly classified into leakages, blockages and breakages. Installation of the conventional products is also cumbersome and time consuming. Leakage through these faulty products may pollute the underground water and adversely affect the building foundation. 
Besides these problems, corrosion, encrustation, chemical re-activeness, rough inside surface, chipping of pipes, root penetration, need of more trench width and steeper gradients, faulty joints and settlement of joints, repeated maintenance, unhygienic conditions, short as well as uncertain life span are other issues associated with conventional products.

Given such a long list of problems, we suggest the use of a well-engineered plastic system. A proper plastic underground drainage system should offer flexibility with readymade inspection chambers in various sizes and configurations, long length with easy jointing technique, lightweight as well as convenient and easy installation. Moreover, the drainage system should have the right hydraulic properties, great strength, high performance leak free joints, a watertight system, excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, minimum excavation costs, minimal maintenance, longer life and overall economy.


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Keith Allen said...

HDPE pipes in the Philippines are now being used as an alternative for metal pipes in constructing plumbing projects.

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