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Monday, November 26, 2012

Options for Construction of house

After getting the Architectural plans finalized, you have a choice to either go for a ” Building contractor ” or ” Labor contractor “.
You can do construction in two ways as follows

LABOR CONTRACTOR -  Construct a house by using labor contractor force if you have lots of time. To visit the site and monitor the construction activity on site. In the ” Labor contractor ” you need to supply all the construction materials required to execute the project. The cost of a labor contractor varies from Rs 180 / sq ft  to Rs 220 / sq ft .In this step the Architect will play a key role in giving guidance to the labor contractor in making sure that all the executions are happening as per the finalized and approved drawings.
BUILDING CONTRACTOR – Give the construction contract to the ” Building contractor ” who will take care of the construction activity by taking care of the responsibility of supplying the required materials to the site. The normal charges for a building contractors is Rs 1,200 per sq ft to Rs 1,300 per sq ft normally the charges vary depending mostly on the finishing materials used. The Architects will give guidance in making sure that the building contractor carries out quality work in accordance with agreed design which is finalized and approved drawings.

Well above mentioned rates are tentative at Bangalore.

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